Therapy: a confidential space to explore Sex and Sexuality

Talking about sex and confronting sexual issues with a counsellor or therapist can understandably seem like a daunting prospect.   However, as a therapist and counsellor my aim is to help you feel comfortable, then you can talk openly about your sexuality in a relaxed, confidential and informal way.  This gives you the opportunity to reflect on how concerns involving sex, sexuality and sexual problems are impacting on your life.

If you’re in a relationship, sexual difficulties can of course point to deeper problems in the relationship, and again a confidential setting allows you to talk freely about ambivelent feelings.

  • Stress
  • Anxiety around performance
  • Difficulties with intimacy
  • Loss of Desire
  • Feeling sexual naive
  • Sexual boredom
  • Worry about not being ‘enough’ for your partner
  • Depression

A great many sexual problems are not medically based, and in many instances therapy can help.  By exploring the root of the problem we can gain insight and overcome many kinds of sexual difficulty. I am comfortable working with a range of sexual problems including, but not limited to: loss of sexual libido, erectile problems, issues in intercourse, male and female sexual difficulties, sex and pornography addiction.

I have a particular interest in how sexual fantasies impact on our ability to communicate with the person we are closest to.  Throughout my work I have assisted many clients in untangling their sexual fantasies from often strong influences of inherited guilt, shame, and embarrassment.

Fantasies are the work of our imagination, unhampered by reality. However, when we attempt to translate fantasy into reality we may experience difficulties.

Every fantasy tells a story about who we are. However, if we censor our desires and hesitate to express ourselves clearly, these stories remain unspoken, unfulfilled, and may leave us feeling isolated from the very people we wish to be intimate with.

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