Bereavement Counselling

Bereavement counselling can offer you the space to explore your feelings in a safe environment.  If you are experiencing grief or loss bereavement counselling long or short term Bereavement counselling can support you through the often-lengthy grieving process.

Bereavement is the feeling of grief when we lose someone or something close to us.  Death and loss are an inevitable part of life; shock, numbness, anger and sadness form part of the natural grieving process. However if left unprocessed, such losses can leave us with emotional scars and long term difficulties.

The complexities of Funerals, services and memorials may have helped you fill the early days of loss with activity and perhaps even caring for other people.  But as time passes making you may find life becoming difficult and concentrating, on even the simple things, can be hard.  Perhaps most challenging, you may find yourself feeling depressed and perhaps left with anger, which can get misdirected at those closest to us.

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