Anxiety Counselling London

If you find yourself becoming anxious, therapy/counselling anxiety is a useful way of exploring and expanding your self-awareness.  That might sound somewhat wishy-washy, but gaining a better understanding of what may provoke and trigger such uncomfortable or even terrifying feelings, can go a long way.

It can also be important to understand the meaning of your anxiety, which can then be lessened, alleviated, or better understood.  It may be the case that your anxious feelings are pointing to something important in our life that you’re over-looking or haven’t considered.

Existential psychologists and philosophers have written a great deal on anxiety framing it as a very important and revealing aspect of being human.  Counselling and Psychotherapy can help you by exploring the root causes of your anxiety and what your sense of anxiety means to you.

Anxiety can show itself in many ways, through panic attacks, anxiety around socializing, sexual anxiety, shyness and nervousness. Starting to understand what your anxiety means can be essential and rewarding.  When we have a crisis in our lives, it can be a signal that changes may need to be made to how we are live and go about our daily lives.

If you’re suffering from anxiety or panic attacks, employing certain breathing techniques when things get difficult can be very helpful.  Click the link below for simple guide to calm breathing.

 Calm Breathing Exercises PDF

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