Anger Management Therapy East London

Anger can be difficult emotion to accept, but it is also an important part of being human. You may find that you express anger in undesirable ways, even at times taking over and clouding your understanding of situations and of yourself.

Anger and high adrenaline trigger physiological reactions such as increased heart-beat, increased temperature and even palpitations. When filled with anger, you might find yourself behaving aggressively and inappropriately.  Perhaps you have experience of anger having a negative impact on your professional and personal relationships.

Although you might not recognise it, anger is often a response to feeling threatened, perhaps following a sense of betrayal or a loss of trust.  Anger may also be an aspect of depression.

With counselling and therapy, you get a chance to explore your relationship to anger within the safety of a therapeutic setting.   You can then understand the root causes of your anger.  In turn, this can help you get some perspective on being angry, whether it be resentment and mild irritation or explosive rage.

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